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long line of real fire
Joining the charm and warmth of natural fire with advanced fire technology and design Planika introduced a unique solution allowing the effect of endless flames in their natural colours – Fire Line Automatic. Our long fire line is an exceptional addition to any interior design. It is a groundbreaking step in modern fireplace design which introduces a unique asset into any interior design idea.
Due to advanced technology, intelligent fireplaces offer unlimited possibilities of arrangement along with simplicity of use. Equipped with an electronic system used for regulating the flame size, the fireplace can be operated with a remote control or smart device and integrated with Smart Home System, giving even more control possibilities - just imagine adjusting the flame level without leaving the comfort of your sofa. Linear fireplace is a luxury product – it's characterized by the highest quality of technological solutions and care about every final detail. If you’re looking for a commercial solution - the Fire Line Automatic collection is your answer. These modern and elegant fireplaces blend perfectly into any contemporary home or commercial interior design. Based on innovative technology, products can be tailored to fit any sophisticated project.
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Have you ever looked for a fireplace which is a perfect fit for your design? Planika gives unlimited possibilities to personalize the fireplace insert to customer’s needs. With no hard connections and exhaust system requirement, Planika fireplaces give unlimited arrangement possibilities to turn any interior design idea into reality. Placing several units together allow the creation of an endless fire line for your open fireplace. A custom fireplace is a unique and exclusive feature, suitable for both commercial and residential projects. Every linear fire, regardless of the length is operable with a single remote control or mobile device.

Modern fireplace designs applies not only to the visual aspects of the fireplace but also to the advanced technological solutions. Creating a long line of real fire wouldn`t be possible without Burning Ethanol Vapours (BEV) technology, which ensures the highest level of safety, fuel combustion efficiency and allows the presentation of a unique fire - natural, golden flame with ideal shape and height. Planika proves, that fireplaces are not only about wood, old style, ...and boredom. The fireplace means innovation and uniqueness - it is a real fire in a modern home décor. The long line of fire is an excellent fireplace solution offering a world of possibilities.
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why planika
  • Over 15 years on the market
  • Appreciation in over 80 countries
  • Numerous projects on every continent
  • Top private and commercial designs
    (Marriott, Hilton, Kempinski and many more)
  • No direct contact between the fuel
    and the flame
  • No smell, no smoke, no ash
  • Cleanest combustion process
  • Natural, golden flames
  • Longer burning time
Why to choose us?
  • Bespoke models for endless line of fire
  • Customizable length and color
    (RAL palette)
  • No hard connection and chimney
    for unlimited arrangement possibilities
  • Easy installation to implement the fireplace
    at every stage of the project
  • Project Department for advice and assistance
  • TÜV, UL and ULC certified
  • Multiple safety sensors: temperature
    sensor, tilt sensor, child lock, CO2 sensor,
    overfill sensor
  • Smart device control
  • Smart Home system compatible
  • Remote control
  • Complex projects – we installed
    the first bio ethanol fireplace on a yacht
  • Advanced safety confirmed by numerous
    commercial and public projects
  • Advanced microprocessor overseeing
    the operation of the fireplace
  • Intuitive control panel
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advanced technology
Planika constantly puts emphasis on technological development. Our products comply with the highest requirements of safety and quality. To capture the real sense of fire, Planika’s innovative fireplaces run on a bioalcohol based fuel. Clean and ecological, this is a renewable green source of energy produced from double rectification process. Based on patented BEV technology (Burning Ethanol Vapours) the fire is produced through vapour burning process. Therefore, there is no direct contact between the liquid and the flames. The fireplace burns with no smoke, no ash and no smell. There are no harmful substances emitted. The technology enables flame height regulation and brings the ambience of real fire straight to you. Planika’s fireplaces offer unlimited possibilities of arrangement along with simplicity of use as no exhaust system is required. Fireplace inserts can be made to measure according to a specific project.
no smell
no ash
no smoke
no hard connections
eco fuel
BEV technology
child lock
flame size regulation
made to measure
smart home system
custom made
optional colours
Planika owns an advanced laboratory in which our staff undertake tests on every manufactured fireplace and continually research new technology ensuring Planika as the market leader in Automatic Bio fireplaces. Our products have obtained several certificates and to increase the users comfort, we have equipped the products with the possibility of Smart Home System integration. The device is also equipped with numerous safety sensors, allowing an immediate reaction from the electronics to any inaccuracies. In order to ensure the highest safety while using Planika products, the temperature and the burning process in general are fully controlled by advanced electronics and a microprocessor.
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Our success lies in designing a new form that corresponds with constantly changing technology. Design together with the technical knowledge and experience are the basis for every model. By always paying close attention to every detail while shaping the form and carefully selecting the highest quality materials for ethanol fireplace, Planika has come up with products that are in accordance with our sustainable agenda.
is an architect and designer who graduated in Architecture in Paris in 1994. A few years after graduation, Atallah opened his agency ASE PRODUCT. ASE gathers professionals who excel in various fields ranging from object design to construction projects. They believe that design is a social attitude that expresses a way of thinking and triggers reactions. Bubble Commerce, designed for Planika by Serge Atallah, is a cylindrical element of furnishing with a white finish. The fresh idea behind its creation was to come up with an attention grabbing and portable fireplace perfect for any exceptional arrangement.
is a group of people working internally in the company as well as some cooperating freelance designers. Our first designs were born at our head office early in 2002. Together with the development of our technology we nurtured a distinctive taste for good design. We pride ourselves on our ability to spot talent, direct it and make it bloom. We infuse young talent with a passion for fire, love of flames and respect for the primeval element. We have worked with Polish designers and architects such as Tomasz Tubisz, Maciej Klus, Joanna Leciejewska and many more.
graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Nice and in 1986 took a postgraduate course at the Domus Academy in Milan. He works with various materials and engages in many fields like architecture, interior design, product and furniture design and even stage design and artistic direction. Exclusively for Planika he decided to design the Jar Commerce fireplace with Commerce technology. Among other brands he has cooperated with are Capellini, Trussardi, Moët et Chandon, Lacoste, Driade, Veuve Clicquot and Serralunga.
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Our products have gained appreciation among architects, designers and clients of private and public sectors in worldwide projects.
It is in fact a very original fire solution since it is hard to find an apartment where natural flame fireplace is used. It was impossible according to safety requirements. That is why modern bio fireplaces are a very good alternative. - Elena Miroshkina Architect, Geometrix Design
Planika fireplace does not emit any carbon dioxide. Even though it demands no chimney, it is still the focal point of the room. It gives that pure feel of the real fire. - Tom Cornwell Owner of the Villa Escarpa, Portugal, The Oakridge Partnership Ltd
Planika’s fireplace was something new for my investor and he was willing to take advantage of such opportunity. - Aleksandra Bobrowicz-Nadolny Interior Designer, Dot.projekt
Portable bio fireplaces are easy to move in the case of rearrangement. Their simplicity is very useful in the modern houses. In my opinion, they have a great future. - Hans Murman Architect, Murman Architekter
Everything is an inspiration to me: I could be inspired by a book, a film, or a person. I have a principle when I work, that is to always conceptualise new functions for well-known objects and habits: re-designing an object that has been designed a thousand times is always interesting if there is a new function added or a new industrial process, etc. For me design is everything and it is part of my life. I like simplicity and I see it as guarantee of lasting design. - Serge Atallah Designer of Bubble Commerce
Planika is at the forefront of the Polish companies that take care and ccarefully design its products.Planika became a brand by creating the own and unique design. - Dorota Koziara Designer
Fire is sensual but a delicate thing, just like music. It would be a shame to lock and lose it. I have never thought of fire as an architectural element, but as a piece of furniture in a contemporary interior – with all freedom it gives. - Christophe Pillet Architect, Designer of Jar Commerce
Planika collaborates with:
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our story
The first challenge
Planika introduces the very first fireplace with a fuel cup. This is the beginning of the way to perfection in creating fire arrangements.