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Choose a bio fireplace for your apartment or condo

For years having a fireplace has been a privilege for those who lived in a detached house or at least a town house, and could afford the storage space needed to keep wood logs. Thankfully, as the technology is changing, this is not an issue if you do not live in such an establishment. As a condo/apartment owner you can easily enjoy a fireplace, furthermore – without all the hassle associated with traditional pit!

Planika 17/01/2019


The much-beloved traditional fireplaces bring to our minds the vision of a crisp, cozy evening and crackling logs.

Planika 13/06/2018

Are indoor ethanol fireplaces safe?

Planika conducted a number of tests on various types of ethanol fireplaces to find out how technological solutions and types of materials used in these products affect the safety of use. The results were clear – only advanced automatic indoor fireplaces can ensure true safety.

Planika 15/12/2017

How safe is it to place a TV over a fireplace?

If not, we have a perfect solution. Having a fireplace at home was a privilege some time ago, but thankfully this has changed and now everyone, almost everywhere can own one.

Planika 26/10/2017

Planika Interview
Stefania Skrabak

Amazing apartment transformation by Art Home Garden
Charles & Tikka project by Stefania Skrabak from Art Home Garden definitely wins hearts of “green buildings” lovers.

Planika 28/09/2017

Some want it to be bio.
Some want it to be gas.

Once we reached the top in the bio fireplaces industry, we started looking for new paths to extend our offer. Answering our clients’ needs we started working on gas fireplace technology,

Planika 20/01/2017

Petit Commerce
Latest update

Upcoming cold season inspired Planika’s specialists for new ideas in order to provide unique, luxurious and user friendly products.

Planika 14/10/2016

Planika at Maison Objet

At the beginning of September 2016 Planika once again took the opportunity to present its unique bio fireplaces on the International Maison Objet Fair in Paris. 

Planika 10/09/2016

Three scenes
of fire design

For the 7th time, Planika Fires proudly invites you to the Milan Design Week exhibition from the 12th to 17th April, 2016.

Planika 22/03/2016

Enjoy the luxury of fire
Masters of Lxry 2015

If you are interested in something a little more exclusive we have an option in front of you. 

Planika 03/12/2015