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Planika Interview
Stefania Skrabak

Amazing apartment transformation by Art Home Garden
Charles & Tikka project by Stefania Skrabak from Art Home Garden definitely wins hearts of “green buildings” lovers.

Planika 28/09/2017

Sail with style
Planika reached another

We are proud to announce that our flagship product- the FLA 3 has become a part of the Serenity – Mondomarine SF40 Superyacht’s interior design.

Planika 17/11/2015

Bio fireplace
for eco design

Tanyth Thomson and Zehra Abidi are part of the successful English interior design company – Living in Space. Dealing with everything from interior refurbishment to new builds.

Planika 20/07/2015

Interiors like
a box of chocolates

Paraphrasing a famous movie quote from the Forrest Gump, Geometrix Design is like a box of chocolates “you never know, what you gonna get”. This Russian design team, Michael Miroshkin and Elen Miroshkina established their own studio in Russia about six years ago. 

Planika 21/05/2015

Reaching the clouds
with Planika’s fire

The Swedish landscapes offer not only beautiful panoramas but also many unique designs of buildings and commercial facilities. One of them is Tusen restaurant accomplished by the Swedish architect – Hans Murman from the Murman Architekter design office.

Planika 20/02/2014

The pure feel
of the real fire

On this month’s case study, meet Tom Cornwell, managing partner of The Oakridge Partnership, and the owner of an absolutely amazing Villa Escarpa in Portugal. The video examines Tom’s overall design philosophy and how that approach was carried out during the Villa Escarpa Project.

Planika 28/11/2013

Design by the Sea
interview with MSWW

Presenting our latest podcast, with the Ministerstwo Spraw We Wnętrzach. Their design is characterized by the contemporary style, with a touch of old times and class.

Planika 16/05/2013

The longest fireplace
you can have interview

We have recently interviewed a successful architect and interior designer – Tomasz Tubisz from Cubic Projekt.

Planika 18/01/2013

Saniya Chughtai‘s project with the Fire Line Automatic

Planika’s wonderful fireplace, included in the interior design project created by Saniya Chughtai has helped her to win the INDEX Contemporary Majlis Design Competition!

Planika 27/05/2012