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What is trending in fireplace industry in 2019

As 2019 is finally settled in, it’s high time to see the trends in the fireplace industry. Planika constantly develops new technologies and pushes new solutions, so the final products are both beautiful and functional.

Planika 25/02/2019

Choose a bio fireplace for your apartment or condo

For years having a fireplace has been a privilege for those who lived in a detached house or at least a town house, and could afford the storage space needed to keep wood logs. Thankfully, as the technology is changing, this is not an issue if you do not live in such an establishment. As a condo/apartment owner you can easily enjoy a fireplace, furthermore – without all the hassle associated with traditional pit!

Planika 17/01/2019


The much-beloved traditional fireplaces bring to our minds the vision of a crisp, cozy evening and crackling logs.

Planika 13/06/2018

The longest fireplace
you can have interview

We have recently interviewed a successful architect and interior designer – Tomasz Tubisz from Cubic Projekt.

Planika 18/01/2013

Interior design
with dot.projekt

We have recently had the opportunity to interview a young, open-minded interior designer, Aleksandra Bobrowicz-Nadolny from a Polish company – dot.projekt.

Planika 19/02/2012