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Fireplace Christmas Decoration Ideas

How to decorate your fireplace for Christmas

Planika has a wide range of ideas how to decorate your fireplace for Christmas. Either traditional or modern interiors can be arranged accordingly to ensure festiveness of the season.

fireplace table decoration
Winter atmosphere by the portable fireplace

Mantel Decorations - Make a Christmas centre piece

If you own a fireplace it is a straightforward job to prepare home for Christmas. Providing more warmth during long winter evenings, especially during Christmas time is a task tak can be easily achieved if you own a gas or ethanol fireplace, as there is no need to clean the ash or soot after each use. For instance, a mantelpiece fireplace from Planika does not require special conditions at all. Also, it can be decorated by putting a festive garlands around it, hanging stockings above the fires or arranging a display of crafts on top of the mantel. (Please make sure you comply with safety instructions of your fireplace!) Colour matching your mantelpiece decorations with Christmas tree is also a good idea- for example red or gold pieces as a keynote of the room will look tasteful and luxurious. As fireplaces are often a focal point of the room where people meet it is important to get them ready for the season!

Christmas mantel decoration
Fireplace mantel decorations and Christmas tree
Christmas tree fireplace
Ethanol fireplace in a festive decoration

Christmas atmosphere around the fire

Fireplaces are usually arranged in the centre of the room allowing to enjoy fire flames in their full glory. During long winter evenings it is important to remember that a fire pit creates atmosphere of comfort and coziness. Christmas is a special time of the year, and once the fireplace is ready for the season, it becomes as is important as Christmas tree. Ambient lightning, candles, Christmas carols, touch of scents are all associated with that time of the year. Plus, a gas or ethanol fireplace do not produce any smells or sounds therefore recreating sublime atmosphere is definitely an easier job. During a holiday gathering, fireplace brings relaxing atmosphere and a sense of tranquility for the family and friends.

Christmas fireplace decoration
Tranquility and relax on the sofa in front of a fire

Gift ideas for home fireplace enthusiasts

Since the beginning of December everyone hurries up to get ready for the holiday season, often leaving getting the presents for the very last minute. For those who own a fireplace it is a much simpler task. A gas or ethanol fireplace do not need any cleaning tools so perhaps a nice set of candles or a piece of art is something to be considered, as it would complement the fire pit even more. Lovely rug placed in front of a fire is also a good idea, and since ethanol or gas fireplace from Planika carries a minimum risk of a fire hazard, there is no need to buy a fire-resistant piece. Some even choose a faux fur placed in front of a fire. Also, if there is nothing hanging above the fireplace, a nice piece of art or a mirror would accentuate the space. Even a new television is something to consider!
And for those who still do not own a fireplace, perhaps it is worth getting one? Planika has a wide range of products that will be the perfect addition to any room. From portable ethanol pieces with plug and play features, through technologically advanced automatic ethanol fireplaces, to gas fireplace collections- there is plenty to choose from.

Christmas day morning in front of a fireplace
decoration for christmas table
Christmas coffee by the flame

No matter if the room theme is modern or traditional, Christmas is a special time of the year. Magical atmosphere created by family and friends, gathered in front of a fireplace is priceless. Merry Christmas!