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Fashionable and decorative
Pyramid Commerce

at the XIX Gala by Moda & Styl

That was a week of fabulous fashion shows, dinners and events. Our bio fireplace Pyramid Commerce recently debuted at the XIX Gala MODA & STYL fashion show in Warsaw. As you might expect not only clothes have provided a lot of fashion ecstasy.

fot. @todo

Thanks to the simple yet elegant, eye-catching organic shape of the Pyramid Commerce, Planika has added a magnificent finishing touch and revived the catwalk. Pyramid Commerce is absolutely smokeless and user-friendly, suitable for private residences, as well as luxurious commercial areas, such as hotels, restaurants and SPA resorts. With no need for special connections installations, the highly decorative Pyramid is fully portable and can be placed almost anywhere.


Thanks to the simple yet elegant, eye-catching organic shape the Pyramid Commerce adds a magnificent finishing touch, revives every outdoor area and illuminates every interior it is situated in. The device implements highly advanced technology of the Commerce burner, filled with highly absorbent ceramic fibres, which significantly increase safety level. They keep the fuel inside the burner so as to prevent leaks in case of seismic activity or pushing over the device.