Freestanding fireplaces by Planika is definitely the most convenient solution in the fire design. With the plug & play installation, no hard connections and the most advanced technological solutions, the freestanding bio fireplace can be installed in all kinds of interiors. It is the perfect example of the unlimited arrangement possibilities that Planika offers.

Stand alone bio fireplaces by planika

Create a striking feature in your living space

traditional ethanol fireplace
Decorative accessories ceramic logs, decorative
granules, glowing fiber
ceramic logs,
decorative granules, glowing fiber
Flame height 2 levels 2 levels
Automatic refill system Yes Yes
Tank capacity 6 L 1,8 L
Burning time 8,5-15 h 4,5 h
Control panel diode panel,
optional remote
diode panel,
optional remote
Dimensions in mm [WxHxD] 1062x1050x370 550x277x265
Price € 2 350* € 1 250*
* In individual countries, prices may vary due to transport, storage, service or individual pricing policy. Price do not include local VAT and shipping price.
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A freestanding modern fire adds functionality to any home. The solution does not require chimney or any other hard connection what makes the installation process the easiest and the quickest possible. Planika's freestanding bioethanol fireplace is an ideal solution for indoor spaces where the traditional fireplace is not suitable.

black matte powder painted
prime box, lincoln
decorative logs

Why to choose a Freestanding fireplace by Planika

Bring real fire into the interior immediately.

Our bioethanol fireplaces make an outstanding focal point in your living space. Watch the video below to find out how easy the installation process is. Connect the device to the power supply and fill it with the Fanola fuel. Your fireplace is ready to use. Select the best freestanding fireplace for your home and enjoy the ambiance of the real fire.