Planika’s suite solution consists in enclosing the fireline behind glass, which results in a very stable and protected flame. To address specific needs and match the fireplace to different design ideas, we offer as many as four different combinations of glazing: FRONT, LEFT + FRONT, RIGHT + FRONT AND LEFT + FRONT + RIGHT. Apart from the protective function, glass enclosed fireplace has a very elegant look. Also, our antireflective ceramic glass is characterized by the highest level of heat resistance and durability.

Our products with suite Solution

Closed hearth fireplaces

glass enclosed fireplace
FLA 3 XL Suite Logs
Decorative accessories ceramic logs, decorative granules,
glowing fiber
Flame height 6 levels
Automatic refill system Yes
Tank capacity 16 L (≥ 990 mm)
24 L (< 990 mm)
Burning time 16-30 h
Control panel LCD display,
remote, mobile control, SHS compatible
Glass enclosure Full ceramic glass enclosure
Installation build-in
Customization Yes
Dimensions in mm [WxHxD] 1400x853x452
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Closed hearth fireplaces

Solution specification

The solution gives our customers the four necessary glazing options, which cover different design concepts. To improve the aesthetic value of the flame and the fireplace, we use only antireflective and heat-resistant glass of the highest quality.

glowing wire
flickering fibres
ceramic logs
look of natural wood
glowing effect


for a natural looking effect

The primary function of our closed hearth fireplaces is to cover the flame, preventing from any disruptions in its shape that may be caused by air draughts. It also has a protective function which may appear to be an excellent option for homes with little children as well as busy commercial and public spaces.