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Monroe LFR

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Marilyn Monroe

Once again Planika makes fire exceptional. Monroe gas fireplace logs with remote offers the most advanced technological solutions to make fire safe and convenient.

Due to a variety of glazing option, Monroe allows for a great freedom in arranging your fireplace in various interior designs. This product offers very convenient control options, including handheld remote, mobile app as well as Smart Home System compatibility.

What makes Monroe exceptional is the modern campfire burner which creates a very natural effect of fire glazing from underneath the logs. The fireplace make an impression of a real campfire closed behind glass.

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gas fuel

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Switch to green energy today! Both LPG and Natural Gas are an environment-friendly fuel, providing you with a clean source of energy. As opposed to wood and biomass, it does not produce any smoke, soot, smell, ash and hazardous gasses.


Planika introduces Eco Flow, a function reducing gas consumption without losing the natural look of the fire. Eco Flow regulates the flame height over time based on the pattern set by the user through the application.

MODULar burner

Most of Planika’s gas fireplaces are equipped with multiple burners. The user can turn off a section of the fireplace, saving up to 50% of gas, without losing the unique ambience of golden flames.


A gas fireplace is not just a decoration - a room can be heated up by the warm air discharged from the furnace through two concentrating additional pipes. It does not include exhaust gases or pollution – it is a natural, clean source of heat. The ambient temperature is also increased due to the emission of heat through the glass, obscuring the flame. The combination of these two systems allows to achieve outstanding results and quickly warm a cold room.

Perfect for buildings with
Heat recovery ventilation

A gas fireplace with closed combustion ensures the highest level of thermal comfort. It is the perfect solution for buildings with heat recovery ventilation (HRV), since it does not interrupt the operation of the system.