Model E
This semi-automatic highly functional product equipped with a LED display, control panel with a 4-stage flame size regulation is a continuation of luxurious line of fireplaces carefully prepared by the engineers of Planika. Also, Fire Line Automatic model E has numerous safety sensors, which monitor a temperature, movement of the device and a fuel level. Due to built-in ventilators no additional ventilation is required.

Fire Line Automatic model E is started by opening the valve by moving the slider to ON position. If the valve is opened, it is not possible to open the inlet flap. This solution additionally increases safety level. The device also immediately turns off after setting it in OFF position (flame self-extinguishes). Product is available only in 990mm length.

Additionally, now as our standard option we offer an elegance and classy black insert. Nevertheless, for those who appreciate the uniqueness of our previous model made entirely from stainless steel, there is an option to purchase the fireplace in silver on a special request.

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